Lake Como, Villa Balbiano - 03 December 2020


The Italian grandeur on Lake Como

Speaking of wedding destinations, Lake Como is undoubtedly a legend itself: its dramatic setting and phenomenal panorama are the best scenario you could ask for. On its shores you will find lots of stunning villas, which are a constant reminder of the glorious Italian architecture and great beauty.

Located on the western shore of Lake Como, in the Tremezzina area, Villa Balbiano belongs to an impressive collection of luxury properties in Italy and France, The Heritage Collection, and it affords priceless views over Lake Como.

This is a palazzo with twin faces, one that greets those coming from Via Regina and the other for those coming from the Lake, who will be able to reach the property by the private pier.

This awe-inspiring jewel was built at the end of the 16th Century by Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, but it’s with Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini’s structural modification and embellishments that Villa Balbiano reached the height of its splendour and social kudos.

Nowadays, Villa Balbiano is the largest private residence on the lake and it’s well renowned for its phenomenal interiors and stunning Italian gardens, which contribute to place this lakeside property on top of any ranking list of luxurious wedding venues worldwide.

Everything from the interiors filled with spectacular antique furniture, to the untouched 17th century frescoes painted by the Rocchi brothers and Agostino Silva and still decorating the walls, speaks of beauty and perfection.

Follow Rachel Birthistle, CEO of The Lake Como Wedding Planner, as she walks you through this impressive property, while explaining you how she and her team make the most of these spaces for your wedding celebrations and all kind of events.