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Siding together with the most exquisite wedding vendors, we believe in excellence, elegance and uniqueness, in the ultimate experience that we are able to provide while holding ourselves to the highest standards in the industry.


Influential, visionary and revolutionary, Lumos Produzioni is reinventing a wholly modern approach to events cinematography, further reinforcing its position as one of the world’s most desirable wedding cinematography studio. Eclectic, timeless, refined—our films represent the epitome of Italian craftsmanship in the wedding cinematography industry and are unsurpassed for their glamorous aesthetic and attention to details.



Everything is a sign, everything is a chance, everything happens for a reason.

It all started in Elba, a breathtaking Mediterranean island of the Tuscan Archipelago. It was on top of a lighthouse overlooking the endless sea around us and pulling inspiration from the beauty of nature that we finally understood our calling in life.

Combining our background in law and marketing with our eclectic personalities and love for art, haute-couture, design and cinematography, we embarked on our own filming career as wedding cinematographers, specializing in multi-day destination weddings and events.

Conca del Sogno Wedding Party - Photography by Greg Finck

A Positive Change

We flock with people who are truly, madly, and deeply in love with life moments that make the journey in this world really memorable.

This is the heart of Lumos Produzioni: we want to bring a positive change and write a new chapter of wedding cinematography, which has attitude, is bold and perpetually revolutionary, unifying the values we share and the art of life celebrations to treat our heritage better, for our future memories. Our approach has been totally driven by this search for meaning.

Francesca is co-founder and lead cinematographer of Lumos Produzioni



Francesca was born in Sardinia, an island of true natural beauty, with mystical secrets which is surrounded by the most beautiful clear blue sea. She is an adventurer, who seeks out new experiences and challenges, in constant search of ways to see the world through new eyes.

With her extremely creative mind she is very clear about what she wants, something that she has picked up due to her background as a lawyer.

Her Parisian aesthetics meets her love for the Roaring Twenties, journaling, haute couture and jazz music.

Francesca brings the female point of view to our duo, she delights in focusing on the little details and the unique connections the bride has with her family and bridal party. She deeply understands those emotional moments in that way that women do, and ensures that they are preserved for your memories. When she works, she is a perfectionist, always seeking the perfect composition for a shot, capturing all of the elements and small details.

Lumos Produzioni are award winning destination luxury wedding videographers. Simone at Villa Balbiano on Lake Como



Simone is a passionate soul, who seeks to express his creativity in all aspects of his life. He feels most at home when he is creating, seeking raw emotions and the spark of life.

Holding his breath, not only when he is free diving in his spare time, he literally pushes himself under the surface of life. Always looking to discover the beauty of life and its challenges.

With a degree in Communication and Marketing and a background as a lifestyle and wedding photographer he loves the technological side of his work, researching the latest equipment and lenses to allow him to play with and capture the light.

Passionate about cinematography and his favorite Netflix shows, he is a true romantic who loves nothing more than a really good Gin & Tonic at golden hour, with beautiful Francesca by his side.

When working, Simone is the master of perfect framing of shots, using gimbal equipment to help him to capture each moment. Color correction has become an addiction for him, along with seeking the perfect mix of captured sound, images and the musical soundtrack.

La Dolcevita - Portofino Luxury Wedding
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