Close your eyes and imagine a sailboat right in the middle of the bluest sea ever, about to sail for a romantic getaway in the beautiful Italian coasts.

The sea breeze and the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the rocks. Two lovers sailing away and the soft sunset light of a summer day. Can you envision it all?

If the feeling in the air is to be described, words like romantic, and adventurous, and lovely would have topped the list.

A perfect sum up of La Dolce Vita.

On the late afternoon of a summer day in July , the sailboat was anchored in the Yacht Club. A warm greeting to the captain and our two lovebirds climbed aboard bare feet, ready to sail away just the two of them, to explore stunning ocean views, small bays and those typical Italian seaside villages where fishermen welcome you with a smile.

The evening couldn't be more romantic, and started with a beautiful sunset from the sailboat. Later on they returned to the marina and reached the pier, where they celebrated with oysters and champagne, their eyes still full of Italian wonders.

Mediterranean sea, Italy