A few things you should know

You are looking for a videographer who fits your need and requests, we are looking for a couple who sincerely believe in our filming philosophy and style. Creating a handcrafted wedding film is not as easy as you would expect, it’s not just selecting the best footages of the day and putting them all in a timeline in chronological order, with a nice music as a soundtrack. There’s a lot more.


Creating your wedding film starts from our relationship, which is not the basic duo “videographer/customer”.
If you are just shopping around trying to find out the cheapest deal on the market, the lowest price but still that best quality, this is not the right place to shop. If you are simply looking for a discount without even figuring out what stands behind a wedding film that justify its cost, we simply don’t fit you.

We believe in that relationship which is a collaboration with the couples who just put their full trust in us, in our vision and art. This is how we get our best footages. Simply put, we value those relationship that we build with those who trust and enjoy the entire process.
We definitely never want you to feel like you are another wedding among the others booked on our agenda and we never want to feel like another vendor in your list.


Destination Wedding Video in Tuscany, Siena




Let’s be honest: every single wedding has its own beautiful wedding gown, its gorgeous venue, the tasteful wedding cake and the funny dances. What really makes the difference is the two of you and your incredible story. Our goal is to describe it in the most genuine and authentic way possible. We are artists who wants to ensure that every significant and cherished moment of your legendary day is captured with love and dedication.

Our wedding packages and personal service are of the highest standards. If you were to compare the number of hours that we spend producing the perfect video capturing your day with other services which exist solely on the wedding day you will see where the value lies in our fee.

Think about your wedding film as an investment that will become one of your most treasured possessions and will contain memories of such a unique day in your lives. You will share it with your families, and friends, perhaps even strangers and eventually maybe your children and grandchildren.

If you believe in this as much as we do, say Ciao! and sail with us!