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Destination wedding and elopement fine-art videographers couple based in Italy and ready to discover all the world.
Our driving force is empathy. Empathy allow us to identify ourselves with other people, through seeing and listening the world from their point of view, despite keeping the awareness of our own identity. The second focus point is harmony. The best way to be in harmony with people is being able to listen them, finding out ideas in order to costantly improve ourselves.

We always put our heart and soul in every film we produce. In facts every film is something unique and unrepeteable. We follow the events' course, giving our cut and editing in our own way. The most precious things are your intimacy, authenticity, your real and genuine love. The desire to share the tears, dances, smiles, looks, caresses and really epic moment . The sounds that surround us, the color of the leaves, the grazing light of the sunsets on your faces, the looks that you guys exchange. Our work is to capture this precious things in the deepest way.

Something We Love

We love to make bespoke Destination Wedding highlights videos


How can I book my date?

In order to simply book your date, please fill in the contact's form or drop us a line. The reservation will be valid only after the signed contract and the deposit paid. Lumos Produzioni work on a first come, with the first one who completed the previously mentioned points.

Do you also offer photography services?

We don't but we will suggest you some skilled professionals who perfectly work with us.

Do you work per hours?

We normally don't because we love to spend the right time creating the most beautiful film. Our first package wedding or elopement cover the full day.

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