Creating your wedding film starts from the very beginning of our relationship, which to us is more than just the standard “videographer/customer” dynamic. If you feel the most important element of our services is the price, then we are starting off on the wrong foot. We do not offer discounts as our pricing structure has been very carefully created to offer different packages at a value which reflects the time and experience behind the film.

We believe that the best relationship is a collaboration where each couple puts their full trust in us, in our vision and art. This is how we can capture the best footage on the day. We value the relationship that we build with each couple and it is important to us that you never feel as though you are just another booking to us, and that we are not just another vendor on your list.



We work with upscale and demanding clientele in the most beautiful Italian venues and abroad creating the perfect heirlooms of their stunning weddings. at Conti di San Bonifacio


If we are honest: every wedding features a bride in a beautiful gown walking towards a handsome groom in a gorgeous venue, with carefully selected decorations, a delicious cake and dancing. What truly makes each wedding unique is the two of you and your incredible love story. Our goal is to capture it in the most genuine and authentic way possible. We are artists who want to ensure that every significant, cherished moment of your special day is captured with love and dedication.

Our wedding packages and personal services are of the highest standards. When you think about the services of most of your wedding vendors, the primary delivery of their service is on your wedding day. If you were to compare the number of hours that we spend both on the wedding day capturing the moments, and then the weeks afterwards producing your perfect film, you will see where the value lies in our fees. Think of your wedding film as an investment that will become one of your most treasured possessions, preserving the memories of one of the most special days of your lives. You will share these memories with your families and friends, and eventually even children and grandchildren.