“This is now, this is right now”.

In the exclusive Lake Como setting, inside the romantic Villa Regina Teodolinda, time has stopped.

The sound of the boats, that of flowing water, the rain that leaves space to the sun behind the green mountains. “Right now in our moment”.

The Villa, located in Laglio, is an ancient and elegant building surrounded by a beautiful garden that slopes down to the lake, where you will find a small and lovely private pier.

In front of the entrance of the manor house, there are two wonderful, large and beautiful trees, magically illuminated by hundreds of lights during the evening and night.

The elegant suites, the Salone delle Feste with its large windows, the romantic gazebo and the private swimming pool provide a corner in the world that is already enchanting in itself.

The refined, elegant and unique settings, dressed by Gemma Aurelius, have enhanced the Villa in the best way.


In classical Italian literature, Lake Como is the setting for the famous love story written by Alessandro Manzoni, “I Promessi Sposi”.

On September 16, 2017, it became the protagonist of the lovely union of Lauren and Jon, who were able to really stop time and create “a moment that will forever exist in time”.