Lumos Produzioni Luxury Destination Wedding Videographers in Italy at Villa Erba on Lake Como

the great gatsby

Andrian & Gabby

Crystals sparkled in the candlelight while the heady scent of flowers filled the air. Starched, white tablecloths stood out against the shimmering glamour of the refectory. The sound of a five-piece jazz ensemble, the Gatsby Jazz Band, lent itself to the sophisticated-yet-swanky vibe. If the feeling in the air were described, words like, “glitz,” and “glamour” and “luxe” would have topped the list.

Gabby and Andrian, a stunning indonesian young couple, embraced the Great Gatsby theme for their nuptials and reception, both held at the highly-sought after venue, Villa Erba on Lake Como. But before the glamourous reception was in full swing, the couple started their wedding experience with a time for themselves. Selecting the Collection package with the extra portrait session from Lumos Produzioni, Gabby and Andrian set the tone with a cruise on the lake via a Riva boat.

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